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Since its establishment in 1946, TOA Co., Ltd. has met a wide variety of customer needs, focusing on the field of industrial paints, and has been actively working to resolve various issues.
Thanks to our customers, the TOA Group, as a pioneer in the field of paint sales for factory production lines, has been providing a large variety of colors in paint.
We would like to thank our customers and paint manufacturers who have been dealing with us until now for their favors and support.
Based on the know-how cultivated over the years, TOA Group will continue to demonstrate its collective strengths to provide optimal and high-quality products and services. As the cornerstone of sound corporate management, we will continue to advance the creation of the work environment where employees can work safely and for a long period of time while complying with corporate compliance. We will strive to create new values in the field of coatings by deepening our relationship of trust with a number of manufacturing enterprises and accumulating experience and achievements so that we can contribute to the development of of richer lifestyles and culture in the future world.

  • Chisato Harumoto

About Our Motto

About Our Motto

The TOA Group has established a policy of providing the best paints to our customers as the cornerstone of the Group, and will respond to the needs and wants of the society with our best prices. We will continue to make corporate efforts and strive to become a company that is more demanded by our customers. Thanks to our customers, we have reached the milestone of our 70th anniversary in February 2016. We are deeply grateful that this is the result of support from our customers and business partners. We look forward to your continued patronage and encouragement.

Company Profile

Company name TOA Co., Ltd.
Location 1-1-36 Tsukuda, Nishiyodogawa ward, Osaka city, Osaka 555-0001 Japan
Representative's Name Chisato Harumoto
Business Description Sales of paints, industrial chemicals and painting equipments, and painting work on contract
Date of Foundation November 1946 (reorganized as a stock company in February 1951)
Capital 30 million yen
Main Banks The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd., Umeda Branch / Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Nishinoda Branch
Main Suppliers Nippon Paint Industrial Coatings Co., Ltd. / Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. / Nippon Paint Surf Chemicals Co.,Ltd / Nippon Paint Automotive Coatings Co.,Ltd / Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd. / Shinto Paint Co., Ltd. / Daishin Chemical Co., Ltd. / Nissin Yoki Co., Ltd. / Mizutani Paint Co., Ltd. / Rock Paint Co., Ltd. / Yoshimura Youkisangyou Co., Ltd. / Saito Paint Co., Ltd. and more (in a random order)
Construction Business License Licensed by the Governor of Osaka Prefecture (General-28), No. 58553
Real Estate Brokerage License Licensed by the Governor of Osaka Prefecture (2), No. 56105
Affiliation Japan Paint Trade Association (Nittosho) / The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Osaka Paint Trade Association (Daitosho) / Osaka Takken Association / Kansai Economic Federation, Public Interest Incorporated Association
Business Divisions ・ Sales Division - Metal Materials Department, General Sales Department, Operations Department, Transportation Department
・ Administration Division - Accounting Department, Human Resources and General Affairs Department
・ Real Estate Division - Real Estate Management Group, Global Business Group
・ Publishing Planning Office
Qualified Staff Tax accountant / Real Estate Notary / Person Responsible for Handling Poisonous Substances and Deleterious Substances / Hazardous Materials Engineer / Forklift Operator
Parent Company TOHA Co., Ltd.

Corporate History

November 1946 Eiichi Harumoto, the founder, started Toa Paint Trading Co. in Imabashi, Higashi ward, Osaka city
March 1948 Moved to Chibune, Nishiyodogawa ward, Osaka city
February 1951 Established Toa Paint Co., Ltd.
September 1970 Increased capital to 15 million yen
November 1976 30th anniversary since foundation
November 1979 Awarded a courtesy letter as a Superior Report Corporation by Nishiyodogawa Ward Tax Office
July 1982 Increased capital to 22.5 million yen
August 1982 TOHA KENSHO Co., Ltd established
April 1984 Registered for Construction Business License
October 1987 TOHA Co., Ltd. established
February 1991 Yoshikuni Harumoto inaugurated as a President and CEO
April 1992 Changed Company name to TOA Co., Ltd.
May 1992 Established Publishing Planning Office
July 1997 Constructed new headquarters building at current location
October 2011 Registered as a Real Estate Broker
February 2016 Chisato Harumoto inaugurated as a President and CEO
November 2016 70th anniversary since foundation
June 2020 Increased capital to 30 million yen

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【Paint toning plant】
3-2-23, Kuise Minamishinmachi, Amagasaki City, Hyogo, 660-0822, Japan

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