About our business

We handle a wide range of products, mainly industrial paints, such as chemical products, subsidiary materials, etc., all related to various fields like steel, machineries, houses and buildings. Furthermore, we provide total coordinations, based on our know-how cultivated over the years, of proposals and maintenance services for coating equipments that maximize the potential of paints to the fullest. In addition, we also take orders for various painting works such as painting of buildings like factory buildings and floor painting.
We will display TOA Group's collective strengths to support manufacturing businesses through the provision of valuable information so that we can help solve our customers' problems in coating process.
If you have any inquiries about products you are looking for or others, please feel free to consult with our sales staff or our departments in charge.


  • Paints for buildings・・・Paints for outside wall, waterproof paints for roof, paints for interior (water / oil)
  • Paints for pre-coated steel sheet・・・Paints for building materials, Topcoat, Undercoat,Undercoat primers (complying with Ordinance on Prevention of Hazards Due to Specified Chemical Substances), non-sanding low temperature baking primers
  • Functional paints・・・Heat-proof paints, fireproof paint, antifouling paints, light storage paints, etc.
  • Paints for ships・・・Epoxy resin zinc paints
  • Baking paints for metals・・・Amino-alkyd resin paints, acrylic resin paints
  • Paints for plastics・・・Ultraviolet-cured paints (ultrarapid curing)
  • Paints for industrial machineries・・・JIS-K5492 conformed aluminium paints,
  • Paints for building materials・・・JIS-K5516 type 1 synthetic resin paints
  • Paints for agricultural use・・・Sunscreens, paints for repairing agricultural machineries
  • Paints for woodwork products・・・With antiseptic function, with anticorrosion function, coloring agents
  • Water paints・・・JIS-K5660 conformed (F ☆☆☆☆) paints, JIS-K5663 type 1 fire protection certified paints, color paving paints Floor paints for dust proofing
  • Powder paints・・・Epoxy resin paints, polyester resin paints, low-temperature polyester paints
  • Paints for roads and outdoors・・・Road marking paint, outdoor floor paints, paints for buildings, floor paints
  • Other types of paints・・・Air lacquer spray paints coping with specified toning

Surface preparation agents

  • Metal surface treatments・・・Iron phosphate conversion coatings, zinc phosphate conversion coatings
  • Corrosion inhibitors・・・Quick drying corrosion inhibitors, Aqueous anti-corrosive paints,
  • Cleaning agents・・・Ethanol, methanol, alcohol for washing
  • Other treatment agents・・・Coating film removers, bump repairing materials,
Surface preparation agents

Subsidiary materials

  • Paint diluents・・・For PRTR method, for epoxy resins, for acrylic resins, for urethane resins, for melamine resins
  • Putty・・・Thermosetting acrylic sol type sealers (powder coating)
  • Consumables for paints・・・Brushes, rollers, spatulas, long handles, scrapers, spray guns, tips at tip portion
    Paint protection supplies, masking tapes
Subsidiary materials

Painting equipments

Coating methods and coating equipments are important to bring out high quality coating film.
We propose optimal coating systems that takes into account environmental measures and productivity improvements according to our customers' needs.

  • Wet coating booths (Venturi booths)・・・Features: Eco-friendly equipments for neighboring houses by preventing paint mist from scattering outside.
  • Dry coating booths (baffle booths)・・・Features: Water is not used in this equipment, so there is no need to worry about freezing in winter, and this can be installed in places where drainage and piping are difficult to be installed, such as the second floor of a factory.

*Legal status of painting booths
Article 5 of Ordinance on Prevention of Organic Solvent Poisoning: When the employer has workers engage in organic solvent work pertaining to first or second-class organic solvents, etc., in indoor workshops, etc., the employer shall install equipment to seal up the emission source of organic solvent vapour, a local exhaust ventilation system or a push-pull type ventilation system in the said workshop.

Painting equipments

Paint work

Regular painting maintenance keeps factories, houses and buildings beautiful and enhances their asset value. We propose optimal coating specifications suitable for the property and provide excellent coating quality.

  • Roof paint work・・・We apply paints according to the materials depending on the purpose e.g. waterproofing, fine coatings, and color changes.
  • Interior and exterior wall paint work・・・We apply paints according to the materials depending on the purpose e.g. protection of materials and fine coatings in renovations, replacements of design, repairment, etc.
  • Floor paint work・・・For the purpose of dust-proofing, fine coatings for buildings, floor protection, etc., we perform surface preparation, removal of old coating films, substrate conditioning, and final coating according to complex floor conditions.
Paint work